100 things about me

Here is a start…will finish one day.

1. I used to hate my red hair when I was in elementary school, but have LOVED it since high school.

2. I really like spicy food…for real! Many people say they like spicy food but when they try to eat something that is actually spicy, they can’t handle it but I LOVE the burn!

3. My favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita with grand mariner at Hola’s Restaurant in Burlingame California.

4. I have been married to a wonderful man since July 1, 1989.

5. I get psychotically nervous that every movie I go see at the cinema will be sold out, so I always want to arrive early and get the first seat. And that means that I usually have to stare at my popcorn for like 30 minutes and try not to eat it all before the movie even starts.

6. I can’t stand for my hair to be in my face, especially on a hot day. The only time I like my hair in my face is when it is freshly washed and it’s a nice cool day. I do love the smell of freshly washed hair, reminds me of getting my hair washed at the sink by my Mom or Darlene when I was little. It’s one of the reasons I keep my hair at least shoulder length so that I can always smell it and be reminded of them.

7. Every clear night I wish upon the first star I see in the night sky. Have always done this. I remember riding my bike with Angel up and down Royce Street waiting for the first star to appear. We would’ t go back inside the house until we saw the first star.

8. I can’t stand for my feet (and hands) to be hot when I am sleeping. Ever since my major foot surgery when I was a kid, I absolutely HAVE TO sleep with a fan on my feet…..God those casts from my toes to my knees on both legs made my feet so hot….I swore back then my feet would never be hot again!!!

9. My favorite time of day is my morning coffee time. My preference is to go to Starbucks with a couple of friends/family and have some good conversation over morning coffee. If that is not possible, I do love to have a grande coffee in hand when I arrive at work so that the first 45 minutes of my day I can sit at my desk and enjoy the coffee while doing email, etc.

10. I once accepted a ride home with 2 total strangers. It was in Aurora Colorado, I had missed the last bus of the night, it was after midnight, it was snowy blizzard conditions and I was standing at the bus stop thinking I was going to die from the cold (seriously)…I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do, I just wanted to go home. This very old Oldsmobile car pulled up with 2 shady looking men inside and they asked if I wanted a ride home. Every instinct inside of me was saying not to get in the car, but I did and luckily they brought me straight home. Thank you God.

11. Learning to touch type back in high school has been one of the most rewarding skills I have ever learned. I had no idea that when I was learning to type, that I would use it so much later in life. I can remember that when I was learning to touch type, I thought I would only ever use that skill if I became a secretary, but I use my touch typing skills every day of my life and I am no secretary…weird eh? I can’t imagine not being able to type, to me it’s like talking and breathing.

12. My most cherished possession is a ceramic book with my name on it that Angel made for me in her ceramics class about 12 years ago.

13. I once beat Pacman on the old Atari system. I played Pacman nonstop for like 14 hours to accomplish this! I was about 13 and can remember how fast the little ghosts were chasing me. I had memorized the path of each possible scenario that the ghosts would take, I did not cheat and read it in a book….I just memorized the game. Man were my hands cramped!

14. Speaking of games, I became a Nintendo Super Mario Brothers addict in Colorado after Angel bought Eban and I a Super Nintendo system. I played every chance I could, plenty of times with Angel. After I ‘got over’ my addiction to Super Mario Brothers, I have never been able to maintain any attention toward a video game to this day. Go figure?

15. I won a Halloween costume contest once dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein! Thanks to Eban for the great make-up job!

16. My favorite holiday is Halloween. It reminds me of being a kid again. We always dressed up and went trick or treating. My Dad would always have a big weiner roast with homemade hot chocolate….it was the best gig in the neighborhood!

17. My second favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the whole Christmas season thing. It’s nice to enjoy a holiday for weeks! It again reminds me of all my wonderful Christmas holidays we had when I was growing up! Thanks Mom and Dad for the beautiful memories!

18. I LOVE viewing and analyzing art, could escape for hours doing this. Some favorites for me include photography, paintings and glass art.

19. My favorite season is Autumn. The first winter breezes are amazingly invigorating and I love how the fallen leaves decorate the landscapes.

20. I listen to all types of music….with one exception and that is country music. I listen to music based on the mood I am in or the mood I want to create. Have adored classical, indie, alternative, rock (all types), blues, jazz, new age, Celtic, gospel, R & B, hip hop, rap and even some pop music. Right now I am listening to a jazz station on the internet.

21. I still find Glen Danzig so incredibly sexy I can hardly breathe when I think of him.

22. Ice cold watermelon in season is by far my favorite fruit.

23. Don’t know why, but every since I was a little girl I cry a bit when I hear John Lennon’s song ‘Woman’.

24. I love water park slides, haven’t been on one in years but think they are so much fun. I remember taking Kellie and Candice to the water slides in Houma when they were little and not only did they have fun but I did too! Will have to lose some extra pounds, I want to go to a water park!  I love the smell of chlorine in the water, but hate the stinging eyes and what it does to your hair.

25. One of the best pets I ever had was a rat. Her name was Ziggy and she was rejected by her mom and the pet store raised her by hand. We bought her when she was about a month old and she was so sweet! She would lick our hands when we held her and she kept her cage so clean. I remember I even brought her to work a few times at Rock On during Halloween time.

26. I used to hate cats. I was a dog person. But then Eban stumbled upon a stray kitten one day with it’s head stuck in a cup and the rest is history. We named the kitten Cups and he was a big part of ours lives for a while. He was an adorable cat with lots of love. Once memory that stands out is when we were on our way home one night and we were at the beginning of the street and he spotted us. He started to run like hell toward home to meet us. I drove the car really slow and he followed us home the whole way just like a dog would…awwww.

27. Asian food is my favorite food. I prefer to use chop sticks when I eat Asian food. When at an Asian restaurant, I always use chopsticks out of respect. I also love the little cups with no handles to drink tea out of. At home I have chopsticks and those little tea cups and I frequently use them.

28. My favorite color most of my life was purple, but the last few years I have fallen in love with pink.

29. My favorite TV series is Charmed. Have seen every episode of it’s 8 year run. Love the show because it’s a show about sisters kicking ass and reminds me of my sisters.

30. Ever since I saw The Whole Nine Yards, I sometimes perform a 4:00 martini ritual on the weekends. There is a really funny scene in the movie where someone says to pour yourself a martini and the response was ‘it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon!’. Then he proceeds to have a couple of 4 o’clock martinis as he listens in horror to some shocking news about an upcoming scene in the movie. The character lovingly reminds me of my brother in law Pat, he can be so funny at times.

31. I love to walk on the beach with my bare feet in the ocean water, watching the sunrise or sunset.

32. The first time I ever walked on the beach with my bare feet in ocean water and watched the sunrise was in Los Angeles, California in 1998 on a business trip. I felt very in touch with myself that day. I was all alone, it was very early in the morning, there was a cool breeze and I was wearing my red and black Indian poncho.

33. Sometimes I am happiest when I am alone.

34. I crack my fingers and toes….wish I could stop though, the cracking is non-stop these days.

35. I love my tattoos. I love my husband’s tattoos. I will probably continue getting a tattoo every now and then till the day I die.

36. I have my nose pierced twice. Although I have not worn both of them at the same time in years. I did however recently wear one nose ring during a two week vacation in May 2006.

37. Once I got the police called on me for laughing too loud with my sister. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and we had a massive laughing attack, we were crying and screaming out in pain because we couldn’t stop laughing. My neighbor thought something was terribly wrong and called the cops to make sure we were OK. When the cops came in, they saw Angel and I hysterical and would not leave until they throughly inspected my apartment. They even questioned Eban who was in the bedroom sleeping at the time.

38. I am no stranger to operations. Have had intensive foot surgery correcting birth defects that made my feet painful to walk with, had a breast reduction to go down several cup sizes and have had a very large ovarian cyst removed that was the size of a gallon of milk.

39. I was a strict vegetarian for over 10 years (from 1992 to 2006). During that time I never ate a single piece of animal flesh (this means I did not even eat fish or poultry in case you are wondering).

40. I loathe the ‘s’ word. If you know me, you know what I am talking about. It totally disgusts me and I have no tolerance for it. I can’t even say the word without wanting to cringe. OK, enough about this because it is too repulsive to continue writing about. Please don’t anyone even write the word on my site….seriously I absolutely hate the ‘s’ word even in written form.


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