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Good morning to me (and you readers too).  Drinking coffee while hanging out on the web a bit this morning.  I just read most of the news articles on Drudge and was thinking, what can I do now?  I remembered I myself actually have a website and thought it could do with a new post.  So, here it is.  I haven’t been on the web too much lately because I have focusing on recovering from my surgery.  It’s hard to believe but just as I am almost fully recovered, I will soon have another surgery.  In the next surgery the doctor is going to put me back together again.  I go to the doctor  Monday and we will most likely schedule the next surgery.  Then I will have a similar recovery process.  Then, watch out world because Faith will be back!!!

Spoke to Kellie yesterday!  I miss her so much.  She mentioned that she thought she added me to the distribution list about the girl’s dance book.  I do feel sad that I was not able to buy an ad, but it was probably  for the best anyway.  I am watching my money right now and stretching every dollar.  But next year, I will buy an ad in support of my two beautiful and talented nieces! Please don’t forget me next year Kellie…lol!  Oh, I LOVE your new hairstyle!!!  You are such a pretty woman anyway and your new hairdo is the icing on the cake!  I hope I can make it to the recital on May 16, I loved watching Lexie last year.  It would be so wonderful to see both of them on stage this year.

Feeling really productive with regards to my couponing right now.  My coupon binder is completely up to date and it’s awesome!  Plus I now have a coupon book side-kick.  I recently bought a plastic shoe box and found some mini file folders and made a coupon box.  In the coupon box, I will hold all my extra old coupons to use as multiples for those freebie and mega cheap deals.  I got the box and mini file folders at the dollar tree store and am so happy with the purchase!  I may even have to do a separate post with more details and even photos I am so excited.  I will continue to only carry around my coupon binder with me at the stores and the coupon box will stay at home.

I am still really missing my Mom.  I quickly got used to her being around.  It was great having her here those few weeks!  By the way, THANKS Mom for all the cooking, cleaning and caring for me and the dogs while you were here.  I miss your caramelized-onion chicken something serious! My recovery would have been so different if you had not come.  Since Eban was working 10 – 12 hour days, six days a week, he had very little time to work on the cooking and cleaning.  So, your timing was perfect! Oh, and that reminds me that I need to give a big THANKS to Angel for purchasing the plane ticket!  And a super big THANKS to Eban for changing my wound dressings and colostomy bags.  I am so grateful to my family, I love all of you!

So, last night Eban made a shrimp and veggie stir fry.  It was amazing!  He used a new julienne peeler with the carrots. I got the peeler at Ross Dress For Less yesterday for only $2.99.  I have been wanting a good julienne peeler ever since Angel told me about them last year.  One day while Eban, Angel and I were hanging around Raleigh, we went to Tuesday Morning.  Angel spotted a julienne peeler and bought it for us.  She told tales of loving hers but unfortunately it didn’t work well because it was too hard to use.  I will probably still be on the lookout for a more permanent julienne peeler, but for now, this $2.99 one will have to do (plus compared to the price on Amazon, I got a great deal!).  Tonight I think we are going to try the Turkey Mignon from Schwan’s.  I bought them in my last home delivery and have been anxious to try these ever since.  Will probably have a salad and small baked potatoes to accompany it.  Speaking of food, it’s time for my breakfast…Fiber One Cereal, here I come!

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2 Responses to Notes to self

  1. Darlene says:

    Good evening lil sister,
    So glad to see a post on here…..glad you are coming around……and yes Faith is almost back!! woohoooooooo…….love you beyond the heavens!!!!

  2. Jacki says:

    I can already tell that’s gonna be super heupfll.

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