Happy Birthday Gordon!!!


Happy Birthday to a totally awesome brother! I hope you have a fantastic birthday with all the trimmings!  I will have to go have a margarita later today and make a toast to you!  Enjoy your day…

Love you! Faith

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Gordon!!!

  1. Eban says:

    Happy birthday Gordon! Not only is it your birthday, but that is a damn fine, and colorful, purse you have there. So metro!

  2. Princessfaith says:

    Gordon – We decided to not go get a margarita today in honor of your birthday (that will have to be later this week). However, we will have a martini later to celebrate your birthday! So, here’s to you brother! Hope you get to have some birthday fun today…

  3. Darlene says:

    Happy Birthday lil brother!!! Now you have less than a year to turn 50…lol…love ya!!

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