Eban and Mariella

Christmas Eve was a very special one this year. Eban got to meet his God child, Mariella! Plus it was on Mariella’s first public outing (besides the doctor), which was Target. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve indeed.

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  1. Darlene says:

    Awww…she is looking at her Parrain…and look at Parrain…you can see the love there…..Wee Baby is truly blessed to have Eban and Faith as her Godparents…..

  2. Angel says:

    awwww Love this picture! I am so happy we decided to take Mariella for a road trip. She did wonderful, met her Parran and we made some amazing memories!

    Remember 45 minutes into the trip Mariella had rocket poo and we pulled over in the emergency lane so I could change her diaper… and she peed all over her outfit and poo went everywhere, and we went through 3 of her 4 towels and one of her extra outifts ALL before we even hit the one hour mark of our 7 hour trip?

    bwaaahahahhaha ahh that is pretty funny now!

  3. Faith says:

    Angel – Oh, and remember when it took all three of us to prepare the bottle while we were in the emergency lane? We also went through both the nipples with the 1st bottle because the first one was making the milk come out too fast….oh, and remember when we put the diaper wipes on the dash to warm them up but then later when we went to change her diaper at target there was no wipes in the diaper bag….ha ha ha (now of course).

    That was a good road trip and Mariella did awesome! Oh, and remember when we only made it like 70 miles or so in 4 hours! Wow, what a Christmas Eve that was… 🙂

  4. Faith says:

    Darlene – Eban loved meeting his God child. You definitely can see the love in his eyes and how relaxed he looks holding her. I love this picture….can’t remember if I ever saw him hold a baby before. LOVE IT!

  5. Mom says:

    Great picture,Glad Mariella got to meet her Parrain Love to all 8)

  6. Darlene says:

    I know I love it too!!! You need to get one printed up and put in the house…..absolutely and positively breathtaking..should be a painting!!! Hint Hint….lol

  7. Angel says:

    aww I love this this!

    so sweet….. wish we lived closer, or y’all lived closer…. or something along those lines!

    Hugs and love ~

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