$4.52 Target trip


Wow.  I have been getting a lot of great deals at Target recently, but have not posted about any of them.  On my way back to the house from CVS this morning I popped into Target and got the following.

  • $1.79 Renuzit Air Freshener 2 pack
  • $4.49 Chef Michaels Dog Food
  • $8.00 ($1.00 each) Honey Nut Cheerios (single serve tubs)
  • 99¢ Artisan Bread Mini Loaf from bakery dept
  • $1.38 Classico Spaghetti Sauce (On clearance for 30% off.  Needed this for my weenie spaghetti)
  • $3.24 Sleep pants (On clearance for 75% off.  These are so soft and silky)

Total before coupons : $19.90

Coupons used:

  • $3.50 off any variety of Purina dog food
  • $1.50 off Chef Michaels Purina dog food (Target coupon)
  • $1 off any General Mills cereal x8 (Target coupon)
  • 75¢ off Renuzit 2 pack
  • $1 off Renuzit 2 pack (Target coupon)
  • $1 off Artisan Bread (Target coupon)

Subtotal after coupons: $4.35

Tax: .17

Total OUT OF POCKET was $4.52!  Notice that this was for the Spaghetti Sauce and Sleep pants….everything else was free! (well the Renuzit was 4¢)

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3 Responses to $4.52 Target trip

  1. Angel says:

    I went to target too!

    Happy you got some new lounge pants!

  2. Princessfaith says:

    Angel – I remember you said you got Cheerios too…did you get anything else cheap or free?

    Think I will bring my Cheerios to LA with me and give to Mom. I am running out of room in my small pantry!

  3. Angel says:

    I got some ham for dinner, hillshire deli sliced. I had a target q for it! and I bought something I don’t remember buying since I been pregnant….


    I feel bad, but I really wanted a sandwich and cheetos! So it was like the second or so time I had lunch meat and cheetos!

    It was very good! But them my tummy hurt after… stupid tasty cheetos!

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