My $1.59 CVS trip today!


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2 Responses to My $1.59 CVS trip today!

  1. TotallyAngel says:

    awwww look at the pretty wrapping paper! is that for Wee Baby Girl? ❓

    I got the big notebooks for free today, I didn’t realize it was the small ones that were on sale. After I bought them, and noticed my ECBs didn’t print, I asked the cashier and showed her the sales add and I guess she thought they were the right ones too. She gave me my 4 ECBs to honor the add, but come to find out they were not the right ones ~ honest mistake ~

    I almost want to work up another scenario, I had so much fun at CVS today!

  2. Princessfaith says:

    Cool story Angel…you should try to get the mini ones free now.

    This week was a fun one at CVS. I did three $25 transactions over 2 days and can’t remember a more lucrative week than this one! I am loving CVS.

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