FREE stuff I got this week


Here is a picture of things I got totally for FREE this week.  Most of the items came from Harris Teeter.  The Chef Michaels dog food and Air Wick i-Motions came from Target.  That is quite a bit of free stuff for one week, so I am really proud of myself for saving SO MUCH MONEY!  I took this photo a couple of days ago and in looking at it I realized I forgot a couple of things (Mineral Make-up from CVS) and I got another bag of Chef Michaels dog food from Target too).

Sorry, but I don’t have time to do the breakdown because I need to do stuff around the house today, but seriously I got all this for free using coupons! Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer….promise!  Oh, and I almost forgot about the dozen or so of free samples I got in the mail! Sweet week this week (including Forbes and Shape magazines)!

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  1. TotallyAngel says:

    Way to go Faith! How did you get so many tooth brushes? I only had one coupon… ? I want some more free toothbrushes! lol

    awesome awesome job! 😀

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