Every lunchbox necessity

Today I sent Eban off to work with a frozen meal for lunch. I felt a little guilty not making him a homemade lunch and was thinking of what I could do quickly to make his frozen meal ultra special. Then I remembered how great this particular pasta dish tastes with Tabasco Sauce. It’s Smart Ones Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken (side note – I got this for only $1.04 at Target this week using a Target online coupon!) I knew Eban would not want to take the big bottle of hot sauce with him to work, but then I also remembered that we had a couple of mini bottles that we got when we bought a bottle of Tequila with Tabassco Sauce a while back! Score!

So, I lovingly put the wee little mini bottle in his lunch bag and you can see him using it with his lunch in the photo! Seriously, if I could buy these little bottles I would always have one with me….I just love the stuff!

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