Some Fresh Finds at Lowes


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Look at these deals I got yesterday afternoon at my favorite Lowes Foods:


6 LIMES / 1 LEMON      50¢

2 EGGPLANTS             75¢

6 CUCUMBERS             61¢

Here is the plan for consuming these  fresh finds.  We are going to bake the sweet potatoes tomorrow and eat with roast chicken breast.  The lemon and limes are going to be used with spritzers over the next week or so.  Eban will make a vegetarian meal tonight using the eggplant as the main ingredient (don’t know yet what this will be, he wants to surprise me tonight).  The main snack this weekend is going to be the cucumbers which I will slice up and they will be dipped in low-fat ranch dressing when we get peckish.

I just love finding good deals on fresh food…eating on the cheap is so much fun!!!!  We don’t usually buy eggplant, but I could not pass up two of them for 75¢.

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3 Responses to Some Fresh Finds at Lowes

  1. Darlene says:

    I love finding deals like that…I love to go to Rouse’s early in the morning…they discount some produce items and meat also….i just make sure if i don’t use the meat that day i wash/clean it and freeze it…the other day i bought 2 packs of stir fry with shrimp and paid around four dollars for it…cooked one and put the other in the freezer…….just add your angel hair pasta…and wala…a meal….for maybe 3 dollars…..that is what i am talking about…..

  2. Princessfaith says:

    That’s great Darlene!

    Eban made us eggplant parmesan for dinner last night, it was so delicious! We still have 1 and 1/2 eggplants left so I need to think of another receipe…

  3. Angel says:

    so jealous of your great finds!! I would be addicted to going to lowes everyday too! 😛

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