Got my NC drivers license…

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  1. Angel says:

    Hey Faith! you look so beautiful! You hair looks really red in the video. You should have told the dmv that you lost your california drivers licencs… and paid the 10 dollar fine. you could have kept it for a souviner!

    Hugs and love,

  2. Gordon says:

    Hey Faith! Ditto Angel’s comments. Haha…I was laughing to myself reading your drivers license story. When I first moved to TX in 92, Lynette had picked up the drivers license info, e.g., study books, literature, etc. I had a day off that week so I got up, got dressed, and was leaving to go take my test. Lynette got up and the conversation went like this:

    “Where are you going?”

    “Go run take my test and get my drivers license.”

    “You’re not going to study?”

    “I don’t need to stinking study for a drivers license test!”

    “You better study before you go. Or at least look through the information I picked up.”

    “Did you not understand the words that came out of my mouth? I don’t need to stinking study for a drivers license test!”

    “Well, whatever. Go ahead and I’ll see you later.”

    So I proceeded to the DMV. It was the same set up as NC. I sit there and start my test and it did not take me long to realize, “Holy moly, I’m going to fail my drivers license test!” I missed 4 of the first five questions. So here I am taking my test in a panic thinking, “Please God, don’t let me fail. Lynette will never let me live that down. Just this one time, please don’t let me fail!” So I struggled through the rest of the test with the little countdown clicker laughing and mocking me as I struggled along. One question. Just one question! That was all I had to spare as I clicked, psychologically bloodied and scarred, toward the end of this daunting quest. Much like the peasants approached the guillotine or saw the trebouchets launching their missiles toward them, I prepared myself for the inevitable. Can this be it? Is this how it happens to me? Will dying of humilation and embarrassment hurt any less? So I reached the final question much like the peasant stepped up to take his turn at the guillotine. I read the question with mounting fear and trepidation and then I click my answer. “Correct! You have passed your test!!”

    Whoohoo!! I rejoice much like the peasant receiving the rare pardon for the King and life is well again.

    Anyway, it went something like that. 🙂 Later, G

  3. Thanks G and Angel!

    I love your story G! That was quite a comeback after missing 4 out of 5 questions. I do think that as adults, we all have an irrational fear of drivers license tests (especially in a new state). You think I would have overcome my fear by now. I have changed my license from LA to CO, then from CO to TX, then from TX to CA, then from England to CA, then from CA again to NC (but I still get completely freaked out and scared each time)!

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