Cooking a recipe inspired by my Sis

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3 Responses to Cooking a recipe inspired by my Sis

  1. mom says:

    How are you little girl,take care love you

  2. Hey Mama….

    I am doing great! I’ll call you this weekend, I’ve just been super busy this week.

    Love you!

  3. Darlene says:

    Hey Faith!!
    When you said a recipe from me I thought about the green bean w/gr. meat topped with mashed potatoes….I actually made that last week before I fell sick…Wanted to call you but you were scheduled for your test…so I didn’t dare call you…I never thought about using the gr. chicken….will have to try that…I actually made this recipe week before last with fresh carrots and it was awesome… take care and hugs to you…miss you also!!!

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