For a few days, all the weather people said that it was going to snow all day yesterday. So, Friday night (before the big storm), I went to the grocery store and bought everything I would need for a day of being snowed in. I woke up so anxious yesterday thinking about seeing snow again. It’s been so long. I have spent almost 7 of my adult years in areas that snowed regularly during the winter (Colorado and Germany), so I was ready! Nothing happened in the morning. Then the afternoon came and it started to rain a little. I put the TV on and the weather people were saying “it’s coming”…any minute the rain will turn to snow. I saw reports of salt trucks ready to hit the road when the snow came. The weather people were saying “only go out on the road if absolutely necessary”. Then I heard that it was snowing in Chapel Hill…not too close to me though. Then I thought, well if it’s hitting Chapel Hill area, it will hit Raleigh soon enough.


I put on the TV around 4:00 again and the weather people said “it’s coming in the evening now”. Yeah! It’s still coming. I go fix myself a martini and wait in anticipation again. Then it started raining again very lightly….then wait….wait….OMG, there are a few flurries!!! Super!!! Eban, Elway and I quickly ran outside!! For about 10 seconds we saw flurries, and wet flurries at that, not the soft powdery stuff. We all got a little wet and for about 4 seconds Elway had snow on her fur. That is the BIG SNOW story, oh well, maybe some other time.

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2 Responses to SNOW DAY…

  1. Angel says:

    I KNOW!!! It snowed like crazy here 2 days ago… then it all melted practically over night. Now its pretty cold out.. 18 degrees… no snow.. I want snow! If only I can play in the snow…. *sigh* if it would just snow already and we could have a snow day!

    I hope you get a bigger snow story on the news this week!

  2. Gordon says:

    I love the snow.

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