Angel and Pat visit NC!

What a nice weekend! Angel and Pat came to see us and we had so much fun.
Friday night – Great late night catch up conversions till 1:00am

Saturday – Lazy morning drinking 2 pots of coffee and eating flaky biscuits while having more great catch up conversation. Drove to my new house and fantasied about living there. Went to Firebirds Grill and had a fantastic lunch. This place had some gourmet food at very reasonable prices. The afternoon was spent driving around town catching the glorious scenery around the area. We also went to two of my old stomping grounds here…the Crabtree Marriott and Embassy Suites hotels. There we had afternoon drinks. Then we went shopping and went home. At home (where we are a corner apartment that is quite secluded) we went blackberry picking! All four of us in a matter of minutes picked a huge bowl of blackberries…the best kind ever…fresh and completely organic. Then I cooked a chicken and shrimp stir-fry. We watched some Bones episodes (while Angel was freaking out that her feet could not get warm by the cold electric fireplace) and then we went to bed.

Sunday – Coffee and conversation again in the morning. Then we went to a state gun show. I bought me some throwing knives and a pink camouflage belt (same as the one Angel bought). Pat bought a holster. We saw the cutest pomeranians at the gun show. After the gun show we went to Embassy Suites in Cary to try and get some hot cheesecake, but the chef was not there. So we decided to go to my new favorite restaurant PF Changs (which was super great by the way). After lunch we went to a fabulous strip mall where Angel got to see another Pier 1 Kids store before they closed down for good. After that we came back to our temporary apartment and had a couple of drinks and then bid farewell to Angel and Pat. But before they left they gave Eban a remote control helicopter….which Eban tried out right away and loved it! Thanks you guys!

Right now as I write this Angel and Pat should be about half way back to their apartment in Maryland. Thanks you guys for such a nice weekend! Take care!

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4 Responses to Angel and Pat visit NC!

  1. Darlene says:

    Sounds awesome…..can’t wait to see you and Eban up there….sounds like all of you had an awesome time…..which by the way is deserved by both of you and your hubbies…..have a great week…talk to you soon….

  2. mom says:

    WOW what a beautiful weekend,soooooooooooooo glad that you could spend some time together,and have fun.Love You

  3. angel says:

    woooohoooooo! did we do all of that?? no wonder I lounged around all day! I really had a fun time and cant wait to go back for a bar b q !!

    it is really pretty where yall will be living! go pick some more black berries …yummy!

    oh ..i get internet this week! whoop whoop whoop!

  4. Whoop whoop whoop! Angel and Pat are getting internet again!

    Enjoy the internet guys. Seriously, if I had to choose between cable and internet….I would choose internet all the way!

    Had fun with you guys..can’t wait for the BBQ!

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