Dessert anyone?

Am having a weird craving. I want some hot cheesecake. Last week when I was in North Carolina I tried some hot cheesecake at the Embassy Suites hotel I was staying at. It caught my eye on the menu and I had to try it. I love cheesecake, it is actually my favorite dessert. Suddenly, the fact that I have lived my whole eating only cold cheesecakes seemed inadequate. The menu described it as their signature dessert and that you had to try it to believe how good it was.

The hot cheesecake was indeed divine! It was like a regular cheesecake but with the following exceptions:

It had two layers. The bottom layer was a similar texture to normal cheesecake and then there was a top layer. The top layer was quite fluffy and there was a thin layer on top of that was torched to a dark caramel color. It was served with a drizzle of caramel on the plate and powdered sugar was dusted on top. The whole cheesecake was hot (even the graham cracker crust)….Yummy!

It was so good that I took the honor of ordering one for us in our group dinner and everyone loved it too! Hummm…what are you craving?

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10 Responses to Dessert anyone?

  1. Eban says:

    Damn it, good thing I am almost finished with dinner cause now I am really hungry! We need to get some of that when we move.

  2. Darlene says:

    hey there…..
    You know before i became allergic to milk I used to love cheesecake…..OMG…on break at Rouse’s they served individual servings……needless to say i think i bought one everyday….now it has been at least 21-22 years since i had anything like that….. :(:(

  3. Gordon says:

    I love cheesecake too! I think I will get one tomorrow. Strawberry cheesecake is what I think I’ll get. ummmmmm..

  4. Kellie says:

    OMG….Cheesecake is my favorite. When I was pregnant for Lexie that’s all I wanted was cheesecake. There’s nothing like a good piece of cheesecake. Yummy……

    Hope all is good over there. Miss you two guys and love you lots!

  5. Scott says:

    Chili Fritoes from Harry’s in Houma!

    Anyone else remembers that place?

  6. mom says:

    I’m craving light choc. cake with fresh coconut filling with strawberries sliced on top of coconut iced in light choc.than poured with a dark choc. fondant icing,yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy ohhhhhhh and a BIG GLASS OF MILK

  7. Gordon says:

    Harry’s old building is a dilapidayed tile store now. I do remember going there when we were little. Chili fritoes and strawberry sundaes. That is what I remember.

  8. mom says:

    We went to Harry’s almost every day,ice cream,malts,floats,foot long hot dogs,Dad would get a sloppy roast beef,and a root beer float.Gordon you used to love a ice cream cone dipped in choc.We went there so much they knew all of you by your names(ahhhhhhhhh memoriesDarlene loved her strawberry ice cream,Scott would get choc.most of the time and whenever Scott got his hotdog we had to make sure it didn’t have a bun if it had a bun he would pitch a FIT.

  9. Is Harry’s that place that used to be Sonic?

    I remember a place where I would love to get a foot long with chili and a root beer float……is that Harry’s?

  10. angel says:

    harrys …. aka tasty freeze?????? i remember ordering things from the front glass sliding window….. just ice cream i think…..

    pat baked a cake tonight! what i am reallly craving is a tomotoe sandwitch with extra mayo…. its pretty sick how much i llike mayo these days …. ummmm mayo!

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