?Que paso?

Don’t have a hell of a lot to say…just have a few things on my mind this wonderful Saturday afternoon.

The sea this morning was like glass…..a light blueish white glass….so still and beautiful as the sun was shining over it.

Had my favorite weekend breakfast….chips & egg along with Senseo coffee in my Starbucks mug.

Am reading the trio Lucinda, My Lovely. I bought it recently at a thrift store. I’ve always wanted to read something from Xaviera Hollander and hey, guess what? I am now!

Missing new episodes of Charmed. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I will never see a new episode of my favorite show of all time.

Can’t stop thinking about going to US to visit family in October. Will do some research this weekend and ‘window shop’. Soon I will buy a ticket!

My nails are the longest they have been in a while and I have been enjoying them (painting them almost every day). However, I have my first little itty bitty crack at the start of my right pinky and know that my nails will soon need to be clipped because of it. I know this sounds vain, but I hate it when I have to clip my nails short so that they can all be about the same length, it’s always such a downer. But then it is nice to see them ever so slowly grow back.

Catching up on some of Eban’s podcasts right now. Listening to the last Thursday’s show and it is rocking!

Went to bank this morning with Eban to deposit Eban’s 1st paycheck from Podshow! He will be receiving these regularly and I couldn’t be happier for him. It’s so cool that he is doing something in the entertainment industry and getting paid for it! Congratulation Eban and wishing you continued success and growth!

Have been using a chamomile shampoo and conditioner and I have a few blonde streaks in my hair from being out in the sun. Which reminds me I have noticed a few grey hairs and trying to to freak out about them.

Had a couple of martinis on Thursday night to celebrate Angel’s birthday.

Had a couple of martinis Friday night (yes last night) just because it was Friday night and I like martinis and because I wanted them….

Now I want to close this out and move on to something else today…happy day to all!

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4 Responses to ?Que paso?

  1. Gordon says:

    Hi Faith,

    Sounds like a great relaxing day over there. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Darlene says:

    Hey there lil sis,

    First of all Randy said have another martini for our anniversary..lol…and also I love the fairy where did you findd this???? Also gray hair?? you are just getting them??damn…i have bgeen having them…that is why i color my hair not ready to gray yet:wink: but i know the day will come when i will have to face it and just go for it…but not yet….hope all else is well…and Eban congrats on the podcast paycheck i think that is totally awesome:mrgreen: keep up the great work i am very proud and happy for you….and Faith always take some time for yourself…..have a wonderful day!!love and miss you….your older sister:grin:

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