Damn spam

I have been deleting over 1000 spam comments that have hit my site recently! Have been working on this for hours on end this morning and my head is about to explode! They have hit some of my older posts, so probably none of you guys have seen them. I am working on getting my website back to being my website! Have about 300 spam comments left to delete and mark as spam. I have to do each one individually through WordPress and it’s freaking driving me crazzzzzy…

My darling husband installed some anti-spam in my WordPress so hopefully in the future this won’t happen to me again. Hope you all are having a nice weekend. Am about to take a break from working on my website and have an afternoon tini. We are pretty much stuck inside this weekend. The wind is out of control (again) and it is raining cats and dogs!


Take care you all….

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5 Responses to Damn spam

  1. mom says:

    :wink:Just can’t imagine all them cats and dogs falling on my roof,I wouldn’t have a house left,it would be gone,splat splatttttttt there goes Juanitas house.take care love you:wink::eek:

  2. TotallyAngel says:

    what? I love spam…. burnt .. with bread and mayo.

  3. TotallyAngel says:

    oh, and can’t you just click “mark all as spam” and delete all at once? I can on mine.

    seriously. I love burnt spam on white bread with mayonaise. 😛

  4. Gordon says:

    hahaha….all I can think of when I read mayo on sandwiches is the movie Undercover Brother. There’s a part where Denise Richards gets him to take a bite of her sandwich, with mayo, and he passes the acting white test. Until I saw this show, I didn’t know mayo was so white only. Funny show though.

    The raining cats and dogs painting is pretty interesting. Must be kind of scary for the poor things.

  5. Darlene says:

    I love this picture of the cats and dogs raining….you know when i seen this i had to laugh…..only to try and picture if this would really happened….i would love to know where that phrase came from…since we know this won’t happen…lol hugs and kisses to you….miss ya!!:razz:

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