Got music?

Go to the link below to hear Reaching for Lucidity 150th episode! This is a great milestone for Eban and his podcast, so CONGRATULATIONS Eban!!! His 150th episode fell on a Friday which is ‘hard rock and metal’ day. I highly suggest you go listen to his show now.

If you’ve been stressed lately, you will forget all about it while listening…..if you love rock music you will love this show….if you don’t like rock music, go and listen to to show 148 which is his latest ‘coffee house’ day….if you need a mental escape for about an hour, go listen to any of his shows, if you want to hear someone get a bitch slap for being stupid, go listen now…..if you like Nightwish, most definitely go listen to the 150th episode now….if you are wondering what to download to your MP3 player today, go to the link below and download something, if you want to listen to the #1 ranked music podcast at VitalPodcasts, go to the link below, you won’t be disappointed, in fact you will probably enjoy it….a lot!!!

Click here or the graphic to hear Reaching for Lucidity 150th episode


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2 Responses to Got music?

  1. TotallyAngel says:

    yes. I have music. I have the kick ass RFL podcast!

    Miss you, I received your phone call…. I’ll call you soon!:mrgreen:

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