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I have had a really bad headache since early this morning. Off and on it has been throbbing at various levels and I am really starting to wonder if it will ever go away. All day at work I suffered and tried not to focus on it. I did have a terrible night’s sleep night before last and have been quite tired ever since. I think the headache is a tired headache as I have not caught up on my sleep yet. I didn’t eat that much during the day and that is not helping either (only oatmeal and a salad). Eban and I have just eaten a nice pasta dish and I sure hope it helps this headache go away.

Will be going to bed early tonight, probably by 8:00. So don’t know one go calling me…lol…..

Take care you all and hope everyone is having a nice week. Ahhh, here comes Eban with a cup of lavender and chamomile tea.

I slept 12 hours last night (8-8) and that helped a lot. I woke up with the headache still, but it wasn’t as bad. Throughout the day it has slowly been getting better. Right now (7:45 pm) it’s still there but faint. It is no longer throbbing and now it is just a small constant dull pain. Hopefully it continues to go away and will be gone completely by the morning.

Thanks everyone for the ‘go away headache’ support and home remedy suggestions to cure a headache. Take care!

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  1. Darlene says:

    Hey sis….
    I hope your headache goes away…have you checked your blood pressure?? If not it wouldn’t hurt to do that…..let us know how you are doing tomorrow…going meet Kellie and the girls to go out and eat supper tonight…so i will check in on you tomorrow…
    Love Ya,

  2. Gordon says:

    Hola Faith….hope your headache goes away quickly.

  3. Scott says:

    Try this —
    Take a full glass of water (not plastic, glass) and place it as close to your bed as possible and as level to your head while sleeping.
    Never drink the water and change it out every night before going to bed.

    The water will absorb the headache and other body pains as well as nightmares. TRUST ME this really works, best sleep you will ever have. I started doing this on the advice of a “healer”

  4. Mom says:

    If you still have your headache tomorrow you should go to the Dr.Yes I said Dr. You hear me I said Dr. You hear me Now.:razz:

  5. Gordon says:

    Hope you’re feeling better Faith. Later, G

  6. Thanks everyone. It’s Saturday morning and I am pleased to report that the 4 day long headache is gone…..whew.:mrgreen:

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