2016 test

Just doing a little test to see if I can post to my website. 🙂

me and eban

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Nature walk!

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Picnic time

Enjoying a great start to my Saturday! Eban and I stayed in bed until 8:00 and cuddled for a while.  Right now I am drinking some Gevalia cinnamon coffee. Yum.  Then I am going to make some eggs, Schwans breakfast sausage, and sourdough toast for breakfast.  Afterwards, it’s shower time and then we are off to the park.

We are going to a new one today.  It has lots of scenic walking trials and picnic tables.  We decided to pack a picnic lunch to bring with us. We have some summer sausage, sourdough bread (from Target last night), cheese, and grapes.  Then after the park, we will go have a margarita this afternoon.  I am getting so excited typing this…  : )

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On the border fun

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some recent FREE stuff

I was opening mail yesterday and got so excited. Here are just some of the free things I got in the mail the past 2 weeks. I love free stuff!

• Wheat thins x 3 packages (ate one)
• Panty liners x 3
• John Frieda Root Awakening samples x 3
• Tide with Febreze sample
• Old Spice Body Wash
• Dove Anti-perspirant
• Secret Anti-perspirant
• Pantene shampoo and conditioner
• Bounce x 2 sheets
• Power Bar Energy Gel Blasts
• Cascade x 4 tablets
• Maxwell House vanilla caramel latte x 3
• Special K Protein Meal Bar
• Lever 2000 soap sample
• Grind No More mouth piece x 3
• Nature’s Bounty @edometer
• FREE coupon for oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon
• FREE coupon for Kraft Mac and Cheese
• FREE coupon for Kraft olive oil mayo
• Many various high value coupons
• FREE magazines: Forbes, Wine Spectator, OK! x 3, Ladies’ Home Journal, Shape, Cooking Light, Woman’s Day, Muscle and Fitness!

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I really appreciate you Mom…

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Just wanted to let you know I think you are the best Mom that there ever was or will be! You are awesome! Thanks for being there for me and thanks for taking such good care of me while I was growing up. Guess I am still growing up because you are still taking care of me….lol. Thanks for EVERYTHING : )

Love you so very much!

Your daughter,

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waiting for Target to open

Good morning. I just brought Eban to work. I decided to take the car this morning because I needed to get some stuff from Target and I didn’t want to wait till this afternoon when he got off. Target is too busy on a Saturday afternoon usually for me. We need some tough lawn bags for all the leaves and sticks in the backyard from the winter. I also need some disposable gloves and some groceries.

I am sitting in the parking lot waiting 15 minutes for the store to open. I know they open at 8:00 but seem to be the only one aware of this. No joke, about a dozen people in the last 5 minutes have tried to open the door. It’s so funny to see their facial expressions when the door doesn’t open. They all look so hurt and confused!!! LOL!!! I think two people almost dislocated their shoulders when they pulled on the handle. Most people actually left after the door didn’t open (wonder where they are going because there is no other store for quite a few miles). Anyway, the store should open in a couple minutes, so bye bye for now!

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Love it…Trail Mix Crunch

A couple of months ago, I bought 2 boxes of Trail Mix Crunch cereal at CVS because I got it for an insanely low price.  Anyway, I was just about to open a new box of my all-time favorite Fiber One cereal when I spotted the Trail Mix Crunch in my stockpile.  It is expiring in April so I reluctantly opened the box to fix me a bowl.  I have never tried this cereal before.  I assumed it was like great-grandma’s cereal and I never had an urge to try it for fear of it tasting healthy in a bad/bland way.  The frugal girl in me told me to not waste this cereal that will expire soon and to just suck it up and eat it.

So, like a love-able pouty little girl I fixed me a bowl.

Wee baby pout

I was so pleasantly surprised as I took my first bite!  It didn’t taste like great-grandma’s cereral at all!   At first it was super crunchy then each bite thereafter got a little softer (but never got soggy).  The whole time the texture of the cereal kept changing too. The cereal literally got better with each and every bite. It felt like I was eating a different cereal as I progressed because the taste and texture kept changing.  It also had just a touch of sweetness, which is perfect!  Sorry I doubted you Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal.  I will definitely buy this cereal again and again!

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